We’re excited to announce that  {muslimHackathon} 2020 has transitioned to an online event. We hope that this will give everyone the chance to participate in an even bigger and better event without having to leave the comfort of their homes. As we all navigate the uncertainty of the COVID-19 outbreak together, what better way to pass the time than to work together on solutions to benefit Ummah.


Quran Recitation by Sheikh Ramadan

Decentralized Finance : The Next big Thing in Crypto

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch in 2021

Technology and EV stocks: How to pick the winner stocks

The Learn Startup Journey

Future Trends in Cloud Computing

Connecting People with Opportunities

Sunday Nov 29, 2020 (11AM – 3PM CST)

The Lean Startup

A core component of Lean Startup methodology is the build-measure-learn feedback loop. The first step is figuring out the problem that needs to be solved and then developing a minimum viable product (MVP) to begin the process of learning as quickly as possible.

Junaid Ali

Over 16 years of product management for innovative technologies in consumer and B2B businesses. Including strategy, product development, and management consulting for innovation in small to medium organizations. Specializing in teaching and applying lean startup principles. Invented and holds a US patent for online reviews and rating widgets.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/myfriend/

Privacy Unchained

Are you in control of your own data? Why should you be concerned? What can you do today? Let’s discuss the power of data, influence and how to stay safe.

Mishaal Khan

Cybersecurity Pragmatist | vCISO | OSINT Investigator | Privacy Advisor | Speaker

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mishmish/

The Future of Blockchain, Digital Currencies & Crypto

The future of money might be a digital version of the cash that’s already in people’s wallets—potentially upending the currency system that the world has known for many decades.

Omar Syed

Over the past three decades Omar has been involved with helping large organizations such as NASA, Yahoo, and Zynga build scalable, fault tolerant, distributed systems for mission critical applications. In early 2016 he started Unblocked Inc., a blockchain consultancy company. In 2017 he organized the Shardus project to build a linearly scalable blockchain. Omar holds a B.S. and M.S. from Case Western Reserve University with specialization in Artificial Intelligence. Omar along with his son Aamir invented the strategy board game Arimaa and offered the Arimaa Challenge Prize to promote break-through research in AI.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/omarsyed1/

AI Trends to Watch in 2021

Before the global pandemic struck in 2020 and the world was turned on its head, artificial intelligence (AI), and specifically the branch of AI known as machine learning (ML), were already causing widespread disruption in almost every industry.

Babar Bhatti

Business and technology leader with 18+ years of expertise in AI & Machine Learning, Advanced Analytics, Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing and Product Management. Public speaker, Author and Blogger. Co-founder of Dallas AI meetup (over 2750 members). Co-founder of A3Labs, a non-profit to empower and excel professionals in the age of AI and automation.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bbhatti/

Future Trends in Cloud Computing

The main reason that the future of cloud computing will be as powerful and expansive as it portends to be is that cloud technology is extremely beneficial.

Mohammad Malik

Techhnology leader with over 25 years of progressive experience and expertise in creating vision, strategy, identifying opportunities and building successful teams. Experienced in leading large and diverse technology teams, and effectively managing very large IT budgets. Strong focus on delivering always better service, achieving continuous improvement (KAIZEN) and maximizing ROI.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maliksaab/

Technology and EV stocks: How to pick the winner stocks

Electric vehicle companies have been the darlings of Wall Street in 2020. There’s good reason for the enthusiasm. The world seemingly is moving rapidly toward a tipping point where new, cleaner drivetrains have matured enough to replace fuel-guzzling engines. The automotive industry is entering a period of massive disruption, creating ample opportunities for new companies to displace incumbents.

Arshad Ahmed

Founder diystockpicker.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arshad-ahmed-2b946a14/

Connecting People with Opportunities

ALMPG – The Muslim Professional Group

Is the United States largest networking platform for Muslim Professionals. A group of community members volunteered with a mission to help and unite Muslim professionals to provide Career Guidance, Training, Motivation, Job Referrals, and provide resources. Our vision since 2014 is to empower the community by connecting people and create opportunities to better society at large.


Dawood Ahmed is one of the Co-founders of ALMPG | CRYSTXL | The Startup Council, Social Entrepreneur, Motivational speaker, passionate community contributor, professional and business mentor.  He has mentored 100s of students and professionals and regularly does Educational and Motivational webinars to uplift Minorities Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Students & Community Members in the US and abroad.

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dawoodahmedgm

Coding Competition

This Global Hackathon is an opportunity to build Web or Mobile Applicaton solutions that can drive social impact, with the aim of tackling some of the challenges related to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic for our Ummah.


Attendees from all backgrounds, genders, and geographies are welcome. There is no age restriction to attend the hackathon. Teams must attend our Hackathon Kickoff Zoom Meeting and register themselves on Nov 29, 2020.

Team Formation

Bring your own team or collaborate during our Hackaton kickoff Zoom Meeting.  Teams can consist of one member to a maximum of four members. Changes to team members are not permitted after December 5, 2020. This year we are introducing Jr. Hackathon for youth ages 15 & below. When you forming teams make sure you team member belongs to appreciate age group. Group A (Ages 15 & below). Group B (Ages 16 & above).


Prizes in Cryptocurrency (ULT tokens). Beside below prizes each team using Shardus Software to build web or app development will receive additional 500 (ULT tokens).

Junior Group  (Ages 15 & below)
1st Prize: 500 (ULT tokens)
2nd Prize; 300 (ULT tokens)
3rd Prize: 200 (ULT tokens)

Senior Group (Ages 16 & above)
1st Prize: 2000 (ULT tokens)
2nd Prize: 1500 (ULT tokens)
3rd Prize: 1000 (ULT tokens)

Project Development

No development may start before the actual date and time of the event. Any teams that violate this rule will be automatically disqualified. The first line of code should be written on or after Sunday, November 29, 2020 after the team has registered. However, we encourage you to brainstorm ideas and create wireframes/mockups. Any software development tools, IDE, and/or programming language can be used for the event & you can also reuse components of your existing project but you cannot bring in whole project which is already published earlier. You may need to proof your start of your code.

Project Submission

All projects should be submitted to the hackathon GitHub account (TBA) before judging begins on Saturday December 12 at 10:00 am. All projects submissions will be randomly code-reviewed. Applications will be spot checked by code reviewers. All the projects selected by the judges as finalists will be code reviewed to confirm that the code is original work created at the hackathon and all components and assets conform to the licenses allowed in these rules.

Judging  Criteria

Originality. Is this something unique and special.

You can’t explain it, but you always know it when you see it.

How well does your creation work?

Does your creation look as good as it functions?

Did you implement or build complex systems or algorithms, or just use pre existing tech?


Software to enable a decentralized world
Blockchain | Crypto Mining Solutions

Pre-Event Coding Bootcamps

News & Articles

Want to get involved in sponsoring Muslim Hackathon? We are always looking for additions to our growing family. Our sponsors are innovative individual or organizations interested in embracing the hackathon spirit and connecting with our community of talented students, professionals and partners.